The Webster-Merriam Dictionary defines feast as “something that gives unusual or abundant enjoyment." Here we mean for it to encompass all facets of our daily experience, from eating, to working, to sitting on the porch. So with that, you are invited to join our cyber-table. We hope you enjoy the feast!

17 January 2010

A Glorious Departure

Here is how I left it: We had a pizza party. I prep'ed pizza toppings. Colin brought sweets, plates and pizza stones. Ricky manned the bar. People greeted me in the kitchen as I was throwing pots and pans around and rolling dough. Neighbors were neighborly. Jenny had a camera and she knew how to use it. Keely created a trail of laughs behind her. Bill tactfully added flavor to food. Amp tossed salad. MarMar brought me supplies for the city- hand sanitizer and a hot pink boa. Maren brought a friend who was also a boy, who may or may not be her boyfriend. Dana danced and screamed. Ultimate frisbee girls ate. Janet threw peanuts and heckled people as they left. Men drank scotch in the kitchen. Rofo and Bemu caught flying tangerines in their mouths. Spanky danced congolese in the dinning area. I slid to the floor exhausted, holding a long list of places to eat in San Fransisco. We woke up early, we ate breakfast with Jenny & Bill. We ate breakfast again with Mom & Dad. We stuffed the car and said good bye. We are in Lincoln, Nebraska drinking local beer and staying in a sketchy motel. Thank you everyone. You have filled my life with splendor.

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