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09 February 2010


Last weekend was my first night out in the city. Some friends invited me to go see a band called Geographer at a bar downtown. Geographer is a group of three, very friendly dudes. While on stage, they smiled bashfully at the hollering mass of hipsters in front of them. They even joined the party and danced with the crowed once they were finished performing. They seemed young, like puppies, and they were incredibly talented.

Their music is classified as indie rock. It is a combination of string instruments, electronic wanderings, vocals, and drums. Listening to them is like driving down a country highway while it’s raining but the sun is out and at any moment a rainbow is going to appear in the sky. As you drive you pass by a sprawling wind-farm against the backdrop of bright green grassy fields where huge white turbines are slowly spinning in staggering yet graceful harmony. As you approach the farm you are mesmerized by the enormity and power of these beautiful electronic beasts and realize that they are actually going remarkably fast. Underneath them black and white spotted cows are grazing on the big open field. One of the cows looks up at you and follows your passing car with his bulbous black eyes as he chews slowly on a mouthful of grass. You are suddenly struck by the contrast and complexity of all the moving parts in the world.

Check out Geographer on their MySpace page.
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